Simplicity Contentment Nature


Some of the best times for expanding language, comes with everyday moments. It’s important to remember to use those moments to make memories that connect language to whatever nature offers! So if you’re having a snow day or a windy day, like we are in my neck of the woods, think of all the basic concepts and vocabulary you can use to describe what you are seeing or feeling.

For those of you who are lucky enough to experience snow, then your kids may have already had the chance to build a snowman or go sledding… but if you want to bring that indoors, there’s always the instant/fake snow you can buy online. My students had a blast using it! I also like to save (for a year) the extra hole puncher dots from my book binder machine and spread those on the floor so we can make snow angels. And yes, I’m down on the floor doing it too! With my autism programs, we actually had to help move their hands and legs at first because they did not know how to do it. This always reminds me of the simple things that we think our kids should know, sometimes need to be explicitly taught. I’m always surprised at how many of my students do not know how to catch a ball. Just using a simple ball (or snowball) to toss back and forth is a great chance to build lots of language and motor skills.

Remember, increasing your child’s communication skills is best done throughout the day, all day long. Talk, talk, talk… then talk some more.  Best regards, Monae 🙂


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